Kirrawee Land Yachts

Kirrawee present a superb range of land yachts. Each model is hand-built in Kent, England.
Every Kirrawee land yacht is designed to give years of pleasure and is made of the finest materials. All steel tubes are galvanized as standard for added durability.

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The Range

Our entry-level model is the Starter yacht:
the Starter yacht

For performance at an economical price try the Intermediate model:
Intermediate model

The ultimate speed machine is the Racing model:
The Race yacht

The compact model that fits in the car boot: the Boot Sail
The Race yacht

The new model that fits all the family without compromise: the Bundeena
The Race yacht




Modern class 5 yachts are easy to transport, even fitting inside some hatch-back type cars! Two or more can be transported on a trailer although most pilots find the easiest way to take their yachts to the sailing site is by use of a roof-rack.
Whatever your land yachting requirements, Kirrawee can help.

Kirrawee for full details and latest prices. We always have a stock of ex-demonstrators (from approx. 500.00) and can supply parts, sails, wheels etc.
Export enquiries welcomed.

Kirrawee Land Yachts Telephone:
+44 (0) 1303 872189.
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