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Media Enquiries

Land yachting makes great T.V. or still pictures, and is an interesting and unusual item to cover. Remember, this is a green sport with no noise, pollution or site damage. It is also something that the British are very good at, and we have produced several European and World champions in recent years. The participants are a varied bunch, there are plenty of real characters, and sportsmanship is always very apparent. This is an activity where women and men can compete on equal terms.

If you require land yacht consultancy, or work "to camera" then contact Joe our local specialist.He has a very large fleet of land yachts. He can provide land yachts and skilled pilots for filming assignments, often at short notice, and has had experience of working with the media.


long beach shot

Researcher visits are welcome by appointment and are free of charge provided that no broardcast quality shooting is done and that the visit is on a day we have paying customers.

Contact Joe 07522514547