How do I try land yachting for the first time?

Contact our training school (click here) for full details of exciting courses.

Is it expensive?

No. Our training courses are good value and essential before considering purchase of your own yacht. Land yachts are probably cheaper to buy than sailing dinghys or catamarans. Kirrawee Land Yachts (our local manufacturer and training school) has new and used yachts in stock, as well as parts for home builders. There are several used land yachts available in the "For Sail" section of the Landsailor magazine. Contact the BFSLYC secretary for more details.

What are the different classes?

There are two main types of land yacht sailed in the U.K. Class 5 are smaller than Class 3. Class 5 are very popular as they are easy to transport on a car roof rack. They break down for easy storage and are relatively light to carry around. As Class 5 land yachts are highly tuned, with a fairly small (5.5 sq. mtr.) sail area, the top racers are always buying/making the latest kit. This means that good second-hand yachts are often available in ready to race condition. Class 3 yachts are bigger with a larger sail area. The most common method of transporting one is by trailer. Class 3 yachts are very tough and can last for years. This means that older ones are available at very low prices, making an ideal first yacht, provided that the pilot has had proper tuition and reached a reasonable level of competence.

Is it dangerous?

No. The sport of land yachting enjoys a very good safety record. We have a set of rules that cover collision avoidance, and club members restrict their sailing to the months when the beach is quiet. Crash helmets are always worn and trainee pilots learn on special training yachts with extra safety features.





Will I be made welcome?

Yes. At the Kent Land Yacht Club new members are made very welcome and help is available with all aspects of this sport. Contact the club for any enquiries.

Is it cheaper to build my own land yacht?

We do not recommend that a newcomer to this sport builds a land yacht straight away. A good second hand land yacht (with all the design work done for you) is often cheaper than building your own anyway. Land yachts need to be very strong and well balanced. Dinghy sails/masts are no good. Spoke wheels are no good. Go-kart wheels are too small.
We do get lots of students contact us (particularly at the start of the new term) who are building land yachts for projects. We will provide some free advice and Kirrawee Land Yachts can supply the bits that you can't make yourself! It would be nice to occasionally here from one of these students after they have built their yacht though!

Are they fast?

For something that has no engine, a land yacht is incredibly fast. The world record for a land yacht is 116 m.p.h., set in 1999 in the States. This machine was bigger than a conventional land yacht and used a solid vertical wing sail. Our Class 3 yachts are capable of peak speeds over 70 m.p.h. and Class 5 are only marginally slower. Acceleration is fantastic and you can really feel the power of the wind when you are sailing on land.

Can I just have a go?

Many people are too busy with other things to be able to take up land yachting as their sport or hobby. Our training centre provides have a go sessions for individuals, small parties or large groups. Lots of the people that come along enjoy it so much that they return when they can and either continue their training, or hire a yacht for the day.


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