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Kirrawee Land Yachts was started and run by Roger Gosbee, an enthusiastic land yacht pilot since he was only eight years old! Roger has recently left for pastures new, all the way to New Zealand.... and the business then moved in to the hands of Paul Sullivan. He ran the company for a number of years and has been assisted by Kevin Cross and Joe Taylor. Paul has now too taken a back seat passing Kirrawee over to Joe Taylor


Joe is based in L ydd which is on the Romney Marsh in Kent, England. Kirrawee Land Yachts UK is only minutes from Greatstone, one of the finest land yachting sites in the U.K. Joe can be found most weekends at the beach, wind permitting. If you're in the area, why not pop along and watch the exciting sport of land yachting.

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Paul and Kevin on the Beach.